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The Formation and Training of Artillery Soldiers in the Brazilian Army


The Artillery branch has an important role in the Brazilian Army. As Fire Support or with the goal of destroying or neutralizing the enemy capabilities, the artillery provides all capabilities necessary to achieve the warfighting function Fire. In the Brazilian Army, the artillery branch is responsible to provide support to the Cavalry and Infantry units through the specific weapons. It is also responsible for the Soldiers’ preparation of the artillery with the abilities and attributes necessary to conduct artillery missions in the different regions of Brazil. The formation and training of the Soldiers in the artillery units require organization and resources because of the level of technique and precision necessary to accomplish the mission. Nowadays, the Brazilian Army is confronting serious problems for formation and training of
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The most part of the artillery units are the campaign. They are in specific places to protect the Brazil territory, mainly in the land border, where it is the majority of the Brazilian brigades. It has a wide range of materials that support their military organizations to accomplish their missions; however, the formation and training consumes a lot of time for planning and resources. The Artillery Soldier formation takes three months. Per year, the Brazilian Army forms approximately ten thousands Artillery Soldiers. Thus, the Army has to provide all support for an effective Soldier formation. Furthermore, the Soldiers’ training have to happen every year in order to maintain and sustain the Soldiers preparation in their specific field. The time training is the approximately six months and it has the goal of reinforcing techniques; reviewing the doctrine; increasing the Soldier endurance to the combat; and developing and creating opportunities by lessons
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