Brazilian National Films: The City of God Essay

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If you run, the buck catches; if you stay, the buck eats
The City of God is one of the greatest Brazilian national films of all time. This film is an amazing piece of art. A huge part of the success was observed in terms of the narrative, genre and values. However, the genres features could possibly be the themes of the film and the fears and concerns of the characters are very specific to their sceneries. The film conquered its goal in showing the poverty involving the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro and the madness that accompanies it. One thing that the film relied deeply on was the complex narrative structure and the artificial of cinematic techniques. The way society has reacted in this industrialized world has drawn concern about
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As the moving is running the sounds of people drumming is an assurance that the movie is run in a slum. The drumming is a common style used by the Brazil people. This portrays the chaotic life of Favelas one of the slums in Rio de Janeiro. In the urban setting, a child’s begins training at a more experienced teenage level. This accelerates the crime in the cities. The apparent training have stages where the trainees starts by stealing, looting, robbing and progress at later stages to extortion , murder and gang welfare. “In the eyes of too many people, street children are not even human, and so they are dispatched in much the same way one would step on a cockroach.” (Week 12-13 Readings: Street Children). In one of the many scenes in the film a boy around ten is ordered to kill a young boy around six years of a rival ground. The gang leader has much power in controlling the people in the society, he does what he wants. He creates an interest in the audience as he is not the normal type of person, he is a rebel who is ruthless and upholds crime by all means.
As one the major themes, crime, with plenty of gangs and little insight life in the slums urban areas depicted in the film have become unbearable. The youths in the film take pride and seek fame in hurting their enemies, they are thrilled by murder. This is because it is one of the alternatives to having a decent income in the areas. Lack of social and economic mobility is shown
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