An Essay On Breast Is Best For Babies

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There is no doubt about it; breast is best. I was once asked by a nurse “what would you do in the chance of a plane crash on a deserted island, how would you feed your baby?’ There is nothing better for a sweet bundle of joy then milk made from the same body that he came from.
This form of nutrition has with stood the test of time. There is absolutely no question about what is best when it comes to feeding babies.

We all want what is best for our babies. Colostrum is that very thing, this is the first form of milk, our bodies make. A women’s body produces this within the first few days of delivery.
It is very high in fat content which new babies need. Colostrum is very good for brain development too. Breast milk truly is miracle milk …show more content…

Parents never have to worry about a recall on breast milk. Formula recalls hit the news all the time. There is no battle of trying to find what formula is right for our baby. The chances of stomach problems are a lot less with a breast feed baby as well. A cluttered diaper bag is something we will never have to worry about. Since mom is the bottle she can nurse her baby where ever she is. Without bottles, there is more room for extra outfits which are always needed.
Parents never have the shock of finding that lost bottle at the bottom of the diaper bag that now looks and smells like a science experiment. With a new baby there is so much to worry about, feeding your baby should not be one of those things. As we can see there is really no debate when it comes to baby’s health. Easy clean up every time mom showers she is washing the bottle. If mom is a fan of short cuts you can feed you baby while in the shower, this is good for milk flow. I am not saying that mothers should cut corners but life can be hectic enough with a new baby why not make it a little easier. Breast feeding is really a no brainer this method saves time and money, and there is nothing better in terms of good health for not just baby but mom

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