Breastfeeding Is The Way Of Feeding A Baby From The Lactation Directly From A Mother 's Breast

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Breastfeeding is the way of feeding a baby from the lactation directly from a mother’s breast. This way of feeding, through studies, is said to be the most appropriate and beneficial way to provide nourishment for most infants. This method is not only beneficial for financial and health rationale, but it is also beneficial to the mind and development of the child. Moms who are in favor of the benefits of their child, will breast feed, and these favoring moms on the go will breastfeed in public. Though many are in favor of breastfeeding, there is also a large group of people who believes breasting feeding in public is just “not appropriate”. Because societies sexualizing of breasts, pulling them away from their main purpose, many moms are …show more content…


From a simple look through a biological perspective, you can see that the breastfeeding process is not a forced method, and that it is simply the most natural approach to feeding an infant child.
The list of health benefits of this natural process, go on and on. In respects to this statement, breast milk, which already holds the vitamins, and proteins an infant needs, produces “a rich, creamy liquid that is high in protein and low in fat.”(...1), called colostrum. This protein contains little antibodies that help develop a baby’s immune system. Because of its makeup and ability to be digested by an infant, breast milk is recommended for the first few months of a baby 's life. Not only does it have present beneficial properties, but it also benefits the future health of a baby. According to |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||, infants who are breastfed have a “lower risk of allergies and asthma, fewer cases of diarrhea, and fewer ear infections and respiratory illnesses.” (....1) It is also found in such passage that,
“Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce upper and lower respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, childhood leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome, among other health conditions (1 –5)...., Breastfeeding has also been associated with a reduction in childhood overweight and obesity (2,6,7)” according to (....2)

In relation to the benefits of a baby’s health, breastfeeding also can positively affect a baby’s brain

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