Brief History of Rolls-Royce Company

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Introduction: “Brief History of Rolls-Royce Company”
The Rolls-Royce is a large aero engine manufacturer company that implemented various operational strategies to improve and meet their market demands. However, it was some time after the acquisition of Allison Engine Company (total new market for the company – USA) that forced the company to search for new internal management operational approach. The overall motive was to obtain a new structure which would allow the company to focus more on manufacturing engines and less on internal management operations and decision making. In effort to meet the market demands, the company sought an operation system more adequate to the type of organization. Henceforth, the Rolls-Royce Company embraced the ERP system. Yusuf, et al. (2004), stated that the ERP “aims to integrate business processes [such as manufacturing, finance, procurement and distribution] through the support of an integrated computer information system [connected by interfaces]” (Yusuf, el al 2004, pp 252). Another initiative of the organization was to have external outsourcing company; EDS Company to assist in the implementation of the new system. The main focus was to establish connection and integration amongst all areas of the company’s operation.
Roll-Royce: New Organization
Child (2005) stated that adequate integration may be obtained when the company can “turn the people and knowledge at a company’s disposal into a distinctive and dynamic capability, leading

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