Brief Synopsis Of The Movie ' Wonder Boy '

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A baby who fell to earth in a capsule with the ability to fly is brought up as a human and becomes a famous magician, but a jealous rival threatens to reveal his secret.


During the 1950’s, a space capsule falls from the sky right through the roof of the barn belonging to THURL WONDER II and his wife, LIZZY. Inside they find a baby boy wearing a metallic diaper and a gold ring on his toe. They decide to adopt him as their own, but are surprised when they learn he can fly. The baby floats away whenever he gets excited. Thurl and Lizzy decide to keep it a secret. They fear if anyone found out they would do experiments on the boy. He becomes known as WONDER BOY.

Wonder Boy hides his secret from his friends, especially MARGARET, who he has a crush on. However, bully rival, TOMMY, who also has a crush on Margaret, sees Wonder Boy fly. Tommy threatens to tell Wonder Boy’s secret, but Wonder Boy makes Tommy promise not to tell anyone.

Later, Tommy finds the capsule inside the barn, but when he tells his parents, the capsule is gone. Thurl hid the capsule, making Tommy look like a liar.

Wonder Boy is fascinated with Magic and Murrison the Magnificent. Wonder Boy decides that when he grows up he’s going to be a magician.

His mother, Lizzy, tells Wonder Boy that he has a special gift, but he shouldn’t let anyone know. She gives him the ring with unearthly engravings. It 's his family heirloom. One day he can give it to his own child. She also advises Wonder

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