British Welfare Reforms Between 1880-1914 Essays

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After 1880 reforms were being introduced that began to improve Britain, many in particular by the Liberals from 1906 onwards. However was this happening for the benefit of the people and their humanitarian needs or was it just a tactical motive for those who were introducing the reforms?

During this period the condition of much of Britain was incredibly poor and something desperately needed to be done. Reforms such as extending the franchise in 1884-85 meant a process was beginning that gave a larger majority a voice as to who ran the country but not as to what actually happened. The governments felt that they were improving conditions by introducing minor reforms however conditions had barely changed. Any reforms that involved the …show more content…

The reforms that the Liberals passed had an overall positive effect on society seeing towns being improved and better public health. It was often through speeches that the Liberals appear to have humanitarian concerns. In Lloyd George's 1911 speech to the House of Commons the MP tells how he wants to help the poor `I am rather in a hurry, for I can hear the groanings of the wounded, and I want to carry relief to them in the alleys, the alleys where they lie stricken.' In this he gives no reason other than primarily for the condition that the people are in as to why he wants to help, and he appears to have no benefits from doing so. However this is only an appearance, lying beneath the surface of the reforms were benefits to the party whether they were intended to be intentional or not.

The party's in Government wish to gain power of the country, and once they have succeeded they intend to retain this power for as long as possible. They often do as much as they possibly can to keep and gather more votes. The Liberals introducing reforms was a way for them to do this. Improving towns and therefore improving public health, offering better education, improving unemployment and offering national

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