Broad Banding Essay

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Kimberly Maunz
Unit 5 Assignment 1
May 15, 2011

States a position on whether broad banding can be successfully competitive in selected work environment.

Broad banding is known for taking different salary grades and combining them into only a few different bands with bigger ranges usually resulting in one minimum wage and on maximum wage for the band, these bands usually include a wide variety of various jobs it is hard to establish a midpoint (Milkovich, Newman, & Gerhart, 2011).

Using broad banding as a compensation plan most definitely has not only its advantages for companies and employees but has disadvantages for companies and employees that go hand in hand with the advantages.

Advantages of utilizing broad
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My job was so varied by different duties and responsibilities that it was impossible to put a job description on my position. Also, the wages ranged in large amounts for all employees who held any type of manager position within the company. My job as a ‘Property Manager’ was not as cut and dry, I had no room to advance, or to complete tasks that were at the next level higher, however, I commonly completed and did jobs that were at levels below my position, therefore, removing any promotions and demotions within the company. The owner determined what to pay based off the work that we completed and not based off of the industry for Property Managers. For these reasons I do believe that my employer
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