Broken Arrow Research Paper

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Lasting a year or a lifetime, friendship is something that we’ve all experienced and cherished throughout our lives. It has an impacted us in a good or bad way, teaching us a lesson for every encounter we come across: which brings a new meaning to the word friendship. I’ve had many good and bad friendships throughout my life, but one experience gave me a bigger outlook on the word “Friendship”. Many years ago, before my arrival to Broken Arrow I use to live in a small neighborhood in West Tulsa. The neighborhood wasn't the most delightful nor was it secure, however it felt like home. Having and encountering new friends, I was joyful: until they departed due to financial matter. I was young and immature at the time, not knowing how to control…show more content…
Not because I’d moved, but because I was communicating with my friends that I was absent from. Years past and I was in 7th grade concluding my last semester; when all of a sudden I was called by one of my friends and was told that there had just been a tragic occurrence. So I went over to his house in order see what the dilemma was . As I arrived I saw a police car parked facade his house. I peered inside to see what was taking place and saw my friend crying . When I approached him he told me that his older brother and uncle had passed away in a car crash, It was a tragic incident due to the fact that we all grew up with each other. I decided to aid him by calling everyone up to support him and to see how he’s holding up. Time progressed and everyone veered back home, I was the only still there. My friend came up to me again saying that he appreciated me supporting him, that I was a true friend . At that instance I realized what the true sense of friendship is. If you look up the connotation of the word “friendship” you’ll find a bland definition like “Friendship - the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends”. Now I know Its significance is something more, TRUE friendship is an unbreakable bond. You’re there for each other through thick and thin. It’s something that is cherished and cannot be replaced, that is what true friendship
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