Broken Heart And Love Short Story

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“The Broken-Hearted and Love”

I’d like to tell you of a story of tell you a story of a woman that spiraled in to depression because of a broken heart; a story that may be familiar to most, but new to others that have not experience love and destruction.
It all start October 2011, when a young woman and mother was working at a local grocery store she had lived nearby home town, she met a young man that swipe her off her feet the moment she laid eyes on him .The relation blossomed naturally, the couple decided to move into an apartment together. They saved all their money while staying with his grandparents just so that they could have a place of their own. The big day finally came it was November 20th, 2011, they both were ecstatic and seemed very much in love (or at least she was), the relationship began to take a turn in December of that year when the young woman found out he was cheating. She decided to pack her child and their belongings and leave, by the grace of god his family mover her and the child in to their in McDonough, GA in 2013.
At this time, she became very depressed due to her losing her home, a relationship, and on top of that she had neither car nor resources. Once we settled into her new home in McDonough, GA things started to change for her, she transferred her job, brought her a car, joined a church, got her G.E.D, and enrolled into college. All was well for her, but she later on took the young man back. Again he broke her heart. Foolishly she

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