Bronfenbrenner Chapter Summary

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2. The exaggeration of female-male differences has been a popular idea in the past. The problem with exaggerating the differences between the sexes is dangerous because it distorts reality of the true differences between the sexes. Psychologists try to avoid this phenomenon. The whole purpose is to be excepting of differences not to emphasize them to the point where they become a barrier. The difference-equals-deficit error is similar in that it creates barriers instead of acceptance of differences. (10) This error is about taking a small group of people by ethnicity, sex, culture, or other such things, then taking one group and saying this is what is normal. There is a conclusion that draws from the differences of everyone else and points out something is lacking when in fact nothing is. (11) …show more content…

All aspects of a person continually are influenced by the person’s experience, family, and community. A dynamic system is the name for this. The idea is that of a domino effect where one thing affects others. The different system parts are all interconnected to each other. (15) 4. Bronfenbrenner had a similar system called ecological systems approach. This system extended the dynamic system by saying that there were far more factors that needed to be included and identified with in a person development. These included four complete systems made up of culture, economics, education, family, neighborhood, church, mass media, transportation, medical institutions, and then the person’s developing personality. Which included the person’s temperament, sex, age, and health. 5. Scientific observation is about watching the subjects in a more natural environment and collecting timed data (21). This method limits the findings because it only proves what the subject does not starts the behaviors. Experimental methods concentrate on what or where things with the subject start. This actually uses the scientific method more used to prove a hypothesis with control groups and

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