Brown Pathos Speech Analysis

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The author has a strong grasp on the details regarding the harassment thought his declaration he states mostly exact dates. He places a great amount of details regarding the events where he and his fellow Brown Berets were involved. His writing style in this documents very similar to that of a speech due to the fact it is a transcript and features may arguments that favor pathos and logos. Pathos arguments are the some of the most persuasive in his speech, where most of them revolve around the fact that his life was endangered by those who were supposed to protect people like him. These argument appeal to to the fact that most people would also be terrified if they were in carlos’ postion. Such arguments appeal to the lowest form of …show more content…

One of these incidents was the Biltmore fire in April 1969 where a fire broke out in multiple floors of a hotel endangering the then senator Ronald Reagan whom was giving a speech. Among the accused to start the fire was Carlos Montes. Carlos Denied any wrongdoing and claims he was not present and is being framed. He and the Brown Berets were under constant surveillance and often harassed by the police even after the charges were dropped. Carlos’ declaration from the court, documents his testimony of the harassment for official purposes and record keeping in later stages of this court case. This being a testimony does have some biases from the author. Due to the author’s nature of being an activist, he has strong biases against the police. This can clearly be seen in the testimony where he speaks out against police officers. This bias can be attributed to his past experiences with police officers including the harassment from Sergeant Ceballos when he told Montes “I’m either going to kill you or see that you spend the rest of your life behind bars.” By society standards this type of behavior is considered unacceptable, if true. Although what is valued and considered normal by society changes over time, this topic however did not undergo much change. Today as of the time of this writing there have been cases of police corruption and harassment against underrepresented group such as black people. One of the most ritual examples

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