Essay about Prisoners Mistreated in California's Corcoran State Prison

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In the case of the California’s Corcoran State Prison the prisoners were being mistreated. The situation that brought this case to the forefront was Dryburgh (2009) found that “Preston Tate was shot and fatally wounded by a corrections officer after Tate and his cellmate fought against two rival Hispanic gang member. Tate death was at the hands of a prison guard prompted two whistle – blowers to approach the FBI with tales of abuse and brutality toward inmates by correction officers”. Moreover, this was not the first time that an inmate had been shot by a correctional officer.
In addition, according to, Dryburgh (2009) also founded that “a state inquiry into the shooting at Corcoran found that twenty-four of the thirty-one shooting were …show more content…

The correctional officer could have changed shift if this unethical behavior was just happen on one shift and not the other.
Therefore, there is a number of things that could have been done I do not see a right or wrong answer for the course of action that could have been taken. Cooper (2009) states that” Use whatever methods or techniques are necessary to move beyond either-or thinking, because until at least the most significant alternatives are acknowledged, you risk overlooking the best solution”.
The correctional officer chose to become whistle Blowers after the death of inmate Preston Tate, and after the other officer said that he was the attacker in this situation. However, the correctional officers main allegations was of “brutality that the correctional officer were exploiting racial tensions to stage fights between inmates for entertainment of the prison guards (Holding, 2009)”. The prison tape shows all of this illegal behavior going on, and the two whistle blower watch other officer cohorts their coworkers in how to alter their reports to make it justifiable for the shooting that took place in the recreation yards.
Positive and negative conquences that the guard could have taken was to find out about what constitute bodily harm. The gunners were unclear of the use of force and when to use it. This created a much higher risk of inmates getting hurt because all the gunners had different belief and rules

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