Essay on Btec Unit 18 Sports Injuries

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BTEC National Sports injuries
Unit 18
Assignment 2
Physiological & Psychological responses to injury (p3/P4/M2/D1)

Scenario: You have impressed during your work placement at Thornensians rugby club and have been asked to stay for an additional week. The club physiotherapist has suggested that you look to improve your knowledge surrounding the rehabilitation of players returning from injury, paying particular attention to their physiological and psychological responses.

Checklist * Introduction * Psychological Responses- anxiety, frustration, isolation, anger, depression, drop in motivation, stress * Physiological Responses- inflammation/swelling, scar tissue/ remodelling, clotting * Strains- Grade 1,2 &
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if his return to training date keeps getting put back, watching his team mates play in important games your missing out on

* Drop in Motivation – This may be caused by the return date to training seems so far away, he can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It would be the responsibility of the Physio and back room staff to raise his moral levels and keep him motivated. This could be helped by goal setting.

* Isolation- During their recovery from injury, the athlete spends less time with their team mates and coaches, and may feel left out or isolated. They may experience feelings of depression, anxiousness, and sadness. Because of their emotions, the athlete may not want to be around others. Often, an athlete will withdraw, which provides temporary relief from their feelings. Unfortunately, being away from others, particularly team mates and coaches, keeps the athlete away from the support and energy they need to recover. The emotional experience from injury may cause the athlete to be moody, grouchy, and easily irritable.

* Anger- The situation settles in and the athlete is forced by the circumstances to change or even stop their participation in their sport. Recovery is often not easy and the athlete becomes frustrated and more irritated with the speed of the recovery process. Realizing the athlete is angry at their loss of ability to perform, their loss of power over what has happened to them and the situation they now find themselves in
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