Buddy's Floor Barn: Case Study

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Purpose: Introduction/background of problem

The purpose of this report is to provide our client, Buddy`s Floor Barn, with an assessment of how their company is doing in their sales department. The information used to make this assessment was gathered from 18 locations in four regions across 5 product lines over the last 3 quarters. Over the course of 3 months the regional managers gathered sales revenue from each of their regions in order to provide a more accurate analysis of sales revenue. The sales information was compiled in a data list and then populated in a pivot table in order to answer various questions requested by the client. The problem with this assessment is that we will only be able to provide an analysis for the 3 quarters …show more content…

Each quarter seemed to get progressively worse as the quarters progressed throughout the year. Looking at the 18 locations the Amarillo location had the best sales revenue for the first quarter with a sales revenue of 257,837. This could have been due to several factors within this region that could have impact the percentage of sales within this area. By analysis the information gathered in each quarter we can determine that some locations did better than others. For example, San Diego experienced continuous growth in sale revenue throughout the quarters. This area started off with the least amount of initial sales during the 1st quarter but continued to increase as the quarters …show more content…

The information their regional manager`s provided was assessed in order to determine the sale revenue in each of the regions. This information gave us the regional total for each quarter and allowed us to determine which quarter had the highest sales revenue. In order to conduct a more thorough analysis each region was broken down by their individual states. With this information we were able to determine which area received the highest number of sales during each quarter. This information was analyzed in order for us to develop the best course of action to increase future sale within each region. With limited information available several assumptions where made in order to complete this assessment. These assumptions can affect the overall assessment used in this analysis. The more information that is available to assess the less assumptions need to be made. As the analysis was conducted we used logic to help determine the best course of action for Buddy`s Floor Barn. The rational choice in this assessment is to determine which areas has the best overall sales revenue and which area has continued growth. The assumption is that by utilizing techniques from multiple area with increased revenue a strategy could be developed to help the areas that are struggling with sales. The recommendation is to continue to monitor sales revenue and us this information to help build historical

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