Build Your Own Therapist Website Essay

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Build Your Own Therapist Website This article began with a question. Build your own therapist website, is this a project I should or need to undertake? Have you decided on your own answer to the question? Our answer is a resounding Yes! Yours is the one that counts. So how does one have a live website? Pay to have one built for you. Learn HTML coding and build your own site with a host provider that offers the ability to upload HTML coding into their integrated system, giving you an amazing amount of control over the look, feel and functionality of your site. Now is recommended as your foundational framework (no need to purchase expensive software). Use an all in one hosting option. In other words, use a hosting provider that allows you to purchase and own a unique domain name. Or gives you one free as long as you own the domain name. Offers an intuitive (i.e. easy to learn) web building platform with a wide selection of responsive (smart phone & tablet ready) templates to build from. Provides unlimited pages, bandwidth, mail boxes, domains hosted and offers a free integrated shopping cart. The web is a buzz with Wordpress so make sure that Wordpress, phpBB, and/or Joomla are supported on their platform (this can help when you have developed an html5 skill set). Note: using one of the free website options, form a National Association, is an all in one option; but does not offer the full flexibility we have described here. Our
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