Building A Sustainable Plan For A Business Model

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Built to make profit, businesses/firms believed making money was their sole purpose—and their business model made everything subservient to money and corporate greed. Only now, have we begun to see and understand how irresponsible we have become and those business models may make money but they are killing the environment. Here we will look at four businesses and their different models that center around sustainability, caring about mother earth, and still able to make money. The framework we will evaluate these organizations is through the triple bottom line method, process improvement, economic development, and giving back (altruism), as well as, build a sustainable plan for a company that had not implemented one in the past and is failing to accept any environmental responsibility. Beginning with the triple bottom line approach, we see this phenomenon discards the notion of top-line revenue/bottom-line profit and loss, we see companies are responsible for three bottom lines: people, planet and profit. Triple bottom line companies are responsibly sustainable; they benefit the communities, facilitate the development of better products and services, and contribute to society. The question now becomes why not every company is adjusting their business model to the triple bottom line. Companies like Patagonia are onboard with this idea and they have been very profitable and highly regarded on Wall Street. Companies like BASF and DuPont developed well defined that

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