Building Blocks Of Collaborative Teams

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CHAPTER III: COLLABORATIVE TEAMS Building Blocks of Collaborative Teams In this model, each group of people would embrace and utilize the building blocks of collaborative teams as an integral part of their work. In this sense, the structure embeds the components necessary for a culture of PLCs to exist. DuFour contends that collaborative teams are the building blocks for a PLC to exist thus in order for a team to be truly collaborative, these building blocks must be in place. The building blocks of collaborative teams include norms, roles, people, self-assessment, PLC goals, and support. Each of these is included in the PLC self-assessment rubric in the tools section of this chapter as the first category of the rubric. Brief …show more content…

DuFour et. al (2016), Hord, Roussin, & Sommers (2010) PLC Goals Based on our assessment, what will be our PLC goal in terms of moving toward collaboration champions? Teams establish PLC goals around moving toward high-functioning collaborative teams? Sheard & Kakabadse (2002), DuFour et. al (2016), Hord, Roussin, & Sommers (2010) Support How will we decide when support is needed and whom will we access? Do we need support now? Teams have identified a network of support and access them regularly as needed through the PLC process. *Specific information on resources can be found in the references section at the end of this Guide. A colorful graphic around the building blocks and guiding questions is offered in the tools section of this chapter and can be reproduced when introducing these Building Blocks as a part of the PLC culture within your district and high school. As you think abut implementing this within your district or high school, I challenge you to think about who might the learners be for each group that supports collaborative teaming as an element of creating the culture of PLCs. For example, district employees would consider school leadership and LLTs as their learners, school leadership teams would consider licensed staff as their learners and collaborative team members would align their work around student learning. The rubric was created to be general enough so that each group can utilize the rubric.

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