Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action Essay examples

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Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action
Student: Mac Sorfi
Professwor: Dr. Akhtar Hussain Shah
Strayer University

Change Management Techniques
Change management is the incorporation of a innovated structured and set of tools (new or the combination of old and new ones) utilized in leading the employees’ side of change to attain the desired results (Kloppenborg, Shriberg, & Venkatraman, 2003). The Yad Vashem project was very technical (Systemtic) and required energetic and enthusiastic project team members (High Voltage Emotional Energy). There were many challenges in this project, and there was need to manage and enhance the morale of the team members working in the Yad Vashem memorial site
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Steps to Ensure the Team Members Learn of any Proposed Changes
Change is the constant and that is opt for opportunity or issue in the project. Therefore, there should be a mechanism in which the team members should be informed on the proposed changes (Communication). There are several steps that Shimon Komfield should have taken in ensuring the team members learn if any proposed changes in the project. The project manager should identify and keep record of the impact the change will have on the project, especially the change consequences on the project team members. That anticipate negative reactions from the project team members. Some members of the team may have legitimate negative reactions and negative actions while others would just be fear of change. This is an issue that should be addressed in ensuring the team members learn on the proposed changes. Next, then project manager should prepare a list of positive and negative outcomes of the changes and prepared a document that summarizes the changes (Web Project Analyze).
This would be appropriate in addressing the positive and negative ramifications of the proposed changes (Kloppenborg, Shriberg, & Venkatraman, 2003). Another critical step is to apprise supervisors who manage the employees directly (Micromanaging). The supervisors are the significant change agents. They are the ones who are involved and responsible in

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