Bullying : A Society With The Desire For Instant Gratification

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We live in a wonderful world of technology, have become a society with the desire for instant gratification, and are a species that is inherently nosy and judgmental. In this new world of information, the desire to conform to the idea of being popular has been pushed to the limits with the help of social media. With the pressure to conform and the anonymity of the internet, bullying has be transformed into a plague where not even the safety of one’s bedroom can help you escape from the torment of a bully. This new level of bullying has and can push people, young adults especially, to a breaking point. Some of the most horrific events to take place at a school, have been directly related to peer pressure and bullying. Peer pressure, as described by Sherri Gordon, “is pressure from others to conform to the behaviors, attitudes and personal habits of a group or clique. Sometimes kids within a clique will pressure other kids to participate in bullying. This bullying can include everything from leaving mean notes and name-calling to sabotaging another person’s relationship with gossip, lies and rumors.” The need to conform to someone else’s ideas is one of the causes that leads to bullying. Remembering my childhood, I watched a young girl pick on my brother, who is autistic. She was doing this so that she would seem “cool” in front of her friends. I walked over to where she was and we had it out, due to my desire to protect my brother. My parents were mad at me for

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