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Bullying has been a growing problem in the world but more prominently has this become an issue in America. In Ann Hulberts article “Elephant in the Room” of Slate Magazine, she takes a position regarding anti-bullying programs that are being made to reduce this crisis. The way parents, teachers and victims have dealt with bullies has generally been a step in the wrong direction. We have always been told to ignore people that do not respect you, when really the problem is that these cruel people are acting this way because of a lack of attention. Therefore ignoring them is only going to enhance the cruelty. It is not a phase that kids are going to grow out of and its hurting a lot of people. The percentage of kids that
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No matter what we do, I do not believe you can “eliminate bullying at school altogether.” There will always be the jock who thinks some kid is no good at life because he can not throw a football, even though the kid is a genius in other areas in life besides football. This most likely will not be corrected by adding into the curriculum a lesson on how to treat people. If there was a curriculum that included classes on teasing and bullying it may just increase the problem. We have been brought up in schools from day one being told to treat others respectively and yet we see the same results time and time again.

Another problem with the bullying campaign is that it may target its approach on the wrong kids. It says in the article, “Amid widespread concern that Americans are ever more prone to pathologize normal kid behavior (diagnosing rowdy boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, for example), it’s easy to miss an arguably more insidious process at work: The unwitting effect of the bully-proofers’ approach is to normalize more subtly and deeply pathological behavior.” What I understand from this statement is that while they may be trying to stop bullying they are not looking at the correct problem of the kid. Or in the other case we may even say he has a problem when really he is just being normal. Who didn’t pick on somebody when they were younger, or even just try to annoy someone.

All kids tease each

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