Bullying Is A Real Problem

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Bullying In this paper I will be talking about how bullying is a real problem in our world and in our schools today. There are so many ways of bullying now a days. Now that there is new technology people can use cyberbullying because they can say whatever they want, but they don 't have to say it too there faces. They can just go online and use their words to hurt people. people. Then, there is the old school bullying like you see in the movies. The victim that is getting bullied is two afraid to speak up. If they do speak up, then the bullying might be take the problem out of school and into cyber bullying. The issue is that bullying is a happening problem and it needs to be stopped. There is a solution for this and the solution is that we need to crack down on cyberbullying, bullying in schools, and anywhere so it can stop.

The issue were are looking at now is bullying. 1The definition of bullying is unwanted aggression from one person to another and it is repeated causes problems. An example of these problems would be self-harm. There are many ways of bullying. There is the type of bullying where one kid or a group of kids physically harass another person to a point where it cause problems. There is also cyber bullying. This is where anyone can get on the internet or any social media and say thing to other people. They don’t say these things to their face. 4The Harford County Examiner reported more than 1 in 3 students have threats given to them online. 4They also
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