Bullying Is The Most Common Form Of Bullying

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He walks into the hallway, and people notice; they notice his pale face, and driel lips, but most importantly the red mark. They can tell he was abused; nevertheless, they just stare. Moreover, he gets punched and kicked by his classmates. He has one friend, and she just tells him to deal with it. Thousands of people are like this student, yet no one bothers. Not only physical, but bullying can also occur in verbal, emotional, and sexual. Verbal bullying can affect people as much as any other types can. This is probably the most common form of bullying because it occurs without even knowing. Even people in authorities can have a hard time detecting verbal bullying because there is no obvious signs of it, like a physical bullying would have. Moreover, girls are usually the victims and violator. They exclude others from a group, especially to show power. On the other hand, boys use verbal bullying to avoid getting into trouble; as stated before, there is no visual proof of this abuse. Dealing with verbal bullying is hard as well. Victims should try ignoring the bullies at first. If it repeats, then they should try to talk to an adult about it. Children usually does the mistake of talking back and challenging the bullies. That one is a very common case, and bad idea as well because it motivates bullies to fight back. It could even result in physical bullying. If not dealt with bullies properly, there can be many consequences. Children can change into bully themselves. They

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