Bullying Should Be Addressed For The Proper Development Of Children

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Bullying is a very strong word to all the people around the world but some time people may not know if they are bullying other people. Bullying to all of us means something different. This is why I consider it very hard to judge and punish bullying as definitely what is bullying? Is bullying when you just fight with a kid or simply insult him and he insults you back, is it when you tease him for something he does, or is it when you take things from him without his permission is that bullying? Studies have shown that bullying is harmful for the development of any child, and that it may affect it in his future life, in all ways, physically, emotionally, and academically. bullying should be addressed for the proper development of children, these acts that really cause harm in our children as in their development should not go by un noticed or unpunished as they have harmed several other children in a probably permanent way, and to act upon these acts will most likely prevent them from occurring in the future, and prevent the harming of other kids.
My school in the last couple of years has implemented a series of harsh rules against bullying, these rules have made the school environment truly a by standard of their Moto “bully free environment,” since the rules have been implemented the bullying in the school has significally decreased. From this experience I have been able to see the effects of punishing bullying in the school as well as in out of school and I have truly seen

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