Bullying : The Common Way Of Bullying

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Melissa Grimes Trossman Composition 7 December 2015 Bullying Bullying is being mean to another person over and over. Bullying includes many different forms: teasing, saying something to hurt another person, spreading rumors, attacking someone or hitting them, or leaving someone out on purpose. (stopbullying.gov). There are three types of bullying: emotional, physical and cyberbullying. Students are bullied for many different reasons. Reasons such as weight, race, skin color, height, educational performance, and health conditions. Cyberbullying is when someone is bullied on line (Types of Bullying). This is the most common way of bullying because the person bullying can hide behind a screen and may feel like they have power. There are different things that people will bully you on over the internet. They could call you names, if you don’t have a lot of followers as them, have more followers than you follow, your photo isn’t good enough. These are the things that teenagers worry about (Steinmetz). Emotionally bullying is when someone is constantly calling you names, making fun of your looks, the way you dress, etc. This type of bullying usually occurs when there are two friends who are in a fight and this is how they get their anger out. But either way it is still bullying (Types of Bullying). Physically bullying someone is any kind of threat or putting your hands on someone. It can range from hitting someone every time you see them to purposely shoulder checking them.

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