Bullying Vs Cyber Bullying

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Bullying is meticulous act that hurts young victims emotionally and physically. In other words bullying occurs when a more powerful person hurts, dismay or intimidates a weaker person on a frequent and deliberate basis. Bullying takes two different types traditional bullying and Cyber bullying. Traditional bullying takes three different forms, physical, verbal and social. Hitting, poking, shoving, tripping and slapping victims manifest physical bullying. Name-calling, derision, insults, teasing and racist remarks are forms of verbal bullying. Persuading others to exclude or reject someone are characteristics of social bullying. On the other hand cyber bullying, refers to the aggression through the Internet and technology. Cyber bullying takes place by sending mean messages, claiming to be someone else in order to despise that person and posting hurtful assertions about an individual. This kind of bullying can occurs by e-mail, blogs, instant messaging, and Web sites or through text messaging ( Sidorowicz, Hair & Milot, 2009). Relational aggression is a type of aggressive behavior. Relational aggression consists of social exclusion, friendship retirement threats, the spreading of malicious secrets, lies or gossip and giving the silent treatment. Boys are usually more victimized of bullying than girls. Both boys and girls are victims of different kind of bullying. For example boys usually experience physical bullying. Boys face more aggressive treatments like hitting and

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