Burberry Investigative Report and Competitors Essay

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Burberry is a luxury brand founded in Basingstoke, Hampshire, in 1856 by Thomas Burberry as a family business. In 2002, Burberry became a public company led by Angela Ahrendts. The company operates 260 retail stores and in high-end luxury department stores worldwide. The brand has two headquarters locations in London and New York City.

Growth Profile
The Burberry brand is offered in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America. In 2006, Burberry had sales of $1292.3 million and net income of $185.1 million. The company expanded to 4,651 employees’ leading to a 12.6% employee growth.

Products and Services
The brand offers womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, footwear and licensing. Womenswear is …show more content…

Both brands offer versatility in merchandise as well as in locations. Ralph Lauren obtains various licenses and carries similar lifestyle image as Burberry.
House of Fraser
House of Fraser founded Baugur Group in 1849. The private department store offers home décor, apparel for all ages, accessories and electronics. The brand operates about 60 stores in the United Kingdom. House of Fraser is the second threat for Burberry due to its wide target in the UK. The company offers to the customer quality brand merchandise and prizes. The House of Fraser customer is similar to the Burberry because both are fashion conscious and look for comfort.
Escada is a German public company founded in the early 1976. The brand designs women’s apparel, accessories, leather goods and footwear. The brand operates about 515 owned and franchise stores worldwide. Escada is a main competitor for Burberry because of the merchandise concept. The brand targets upscale female customer who is in search for quality and individuality in the fashion society. The merchandise is an image of tailored silhouettes and intricate fabrics. Ralph Lauren, House of Fraser and Escada are main competitors of Burberry because of their approach to the customer and merchandise. All four companies suffer from similar threats such as weather. This is an important factor because it affects sales and the traditional outlook towards merchandise rotation throughout the

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