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Burning Feet and Your

Is Burning Feet a Dangerous
Symptom of Diabetes?

With diabetes, burning feet is one of the symptoms that can appear. If it has come to this point, and you have not set an appointment with a medical professional, then do so immediately. The repercussions certainly aren't worth the risk of putting it off any longer. Diabetes burning feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy, occurs from nerve damage to the feet. It may include a tingling sensation and loss of feeling to the touch. Diabetes can lower the body's ability to fight infections, which may lead to skin ulcers or infections in the feet. If not treated, then it can lead to amputation. Care for diabetes …show more content…

Use a lotion a lotion to soften them. Infection can arise from dry or cracked feet.

4. Don't substitute soaking your feet with using a heating pad.
This will only promote dryness.

5. Consult your physician on care of trimming nails. Ingrown toenails can cause infection.

Helpful information Whether or not diabetes burning feet is a symptom, there are some steps that can be taken to avoid any further damage or reduce the damage already done.

1. Smoking can decrease circulation in the body. If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, smoking can be a much higher risk.
Reducing the amount of times an individual smokes during a day may not be enough. Look into possible means of quitting.

2. If a diet is implemented, stick to it. If one is not, then create one with a dietician. Diet plays a major role with diabetes and can prevent a multitude of symptoms such as diabetes burning feet.

3. Blood sugar regulation may play an integral role in relieving symptoms created by diabetes. Taking medication on time at …show more content…

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