Burning Your Maps By Robyn Joy Leff

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Burn Your Maps by Robyn Joy Leff is about a dysfunctional family who’s main problem seems to be a nine year old boy named Wes who insists he’s a Mongolian. Many child psychologists would believe that Wes’, the nine year old boy, odd behavior is in direct relation to his home environment. Robyn Joy Leff would agree with the child psychologists that Wes’s tenacious desire to be a Mongolian nomad in Burn Your Maps is because his home life consists of his parents lack of fulfilling their dreams and insisting them upon him, as well as the lonely environment Wes is enveloped in due to his parents preoccupations. Throughout the story Wes’ parents, Conner and Alise, both speak of unattained dreams which is the reason why Wes so adamantly follows his, which to be a Mongolian. Conner’s dream of becoming a neurosurgeon is shot down when he continually fails chemistry (Leff 12). All of Alise’s dreams were cut short when life came into play; ballet became a lost thought when her “hips bloomed round”, the Peace Corps became history when she met Conner, and her fantasy of becoming a fancy private school teacher that fashioned geniuses was cut short because she believed it was “just silly” (Leff 12). Conner’s and Alise’s failed dreams in turn fuel Wes’ odd dream of becoming a Mongolian. Leff fashions Wes in a way that he is the counter of his parents, that his goal isn’t to reciprocate his parents failed dream streak. Young Wes wants his dream to be a reality whether it be subconscious or…
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