The Cult You 're By Kalle Lasn

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In the text, “The Cult you’re in” Kalle Lasn, discusses a cult-like nature of consumer culture on Americans. Lasn uses the work ‘cult’ as a metaphor; he does not mean an actual cult but American consumers seem to be in a cult-like nature. The ideal example of Lasns argument is the text, “The man behind Abercrombie and Fitch”, Benoit Denizet-Lewis, goes in great depth of the life of the CEO, Mike Jeffries, of Abercrombie and Fitch. Denizet Lewis’s piece on Jeffries life displays how accurate Lasns claim is about American consumers in the cult-like atmosphere.
Before an individual is even cognizant of it, they are part of the cult-like nature of consumer culture. In the words of Lasn, when you turn four years old, and you throw a tantrum in the supermarket with your parents, indicates the first life cycle of being a member of the consumer cult. Lasn states, “You want them. She keeps pushing her cart. You cry. She doesn’t understand (379)”. Being part of the consumer cult begins before we can even realize. When children go to the market with their parents and see items on the bottom rows and want them due to the exposer of advertisement, but the parents say “no”. The children begin to cry, parents do not understand why, but that is a technique that comes naturally to children and parents get the child that item he/she cried over. The situation ends with the child being victorious. Denizet-Lewis states, “Jeffries obsession with building brands began when he was five (369)”.

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