Bus615 Midterm Essay

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True / False Questions (2 points each/20 points total) 1. Top managers use social intelligence to define the future of the business, analyzing markets, industries and economies to determine the strategic direction the company must follow to remain unprofitable.
2. A variable is a business intelligence characteristic that stands for a value that cannot change over time.
3. Business process management systems evaluate and improve processes that include both person-to-person workflow and system-to-system communications.
4. BPM systems include advanced features such as enhanced process modeling, simulation, execution, and monitoring, providing a high level of flexibility while reducing costs.
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Calculating, locking, and firewalls
C. Content prohibiting, and cookies
D. None of the above
Fill in the Blank Questions (2 points each/20 points total)
21. Michael Porter identified pressures that can hurt potential sales. Knowledgeable customers can force __________ prices by pitting rivals against each other.

22. The Porter's Five Forces Model analyzes the competitive forces within the environment in which a company operates to assess the potential for __________ in an industry.
_________ profitability _______________________________

23. Executive information systems are starting to take advantage of _____________ intelligence to support strategic decision making, by stimulating human thinking and behavior.
_______________ artificial _________________________

24. A shopping ______ bot _________ is software that will search several retailer websites and provide a comparison of each retailer's offerings including price and availability.

25. The main challenge to ebusiness is the lack of growth in some sectors due to product or service _________.

26. One of the main challenges that ___________ face is ensuring consumer protection, guarding them against unsolicited goods and invasion of privacy.
_________________ ebusiness _______________________

27. The

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