Business Case Study : Business Case Analysis

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Purpose/Objective A major requirement of Principles of Management class is to research a Fortune 100 company and present the findings as a business case analysis. Business case analysis includes history of the company, management performance, SWOT analysis, corporate and company level strategies, code of ethics and appearance of organization in the news. From this research I expect to learn how an organization that started out as small corner store became a Fortune 100 company with hundreds of locations internationally, thousands of employees and millions dollars in profits. I’m also looking forward to learning the “secrets” of the management team of the organization I chose who have continued to make this company successful. We live in a customer-driven environment and for an organization to remain successful and rank in the top 100 companies it has to have an effective management team with the vision into the future. For this assignment I decided to research Whole Foods Market. This organization is well known for its success and creative management approach. This organization appealed to me because of its core values, its stewardship to the communities and environment and its unwavering beliefs in natural and organic style of living. I have always tried to live a healthy life and consume products that are better for me and the environment and it’s been especially true since my daughter was born. She was born with allergies and I had to do my own research into the
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