Business Case Study: Mylan

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About the Company and the Leadership in the Company

Mylan is a global pharmaceuticals company that has its headquarters in United States established in 1961. Mylan is a generic pharmaceuticals company producing generic drugs which is defined as the drugs that are equivalent to a brand-name product in performance, quality, dosage, strength and route of administration. Mylan has a pretty broad and diverse product portfolio with 7,500 products that are available in 165 countries. Mylan grew pretty big after 2007 via acquisition of several generic pharma companies throughout the world.
Mylan is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ and incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands. The company’s worldwide day-to-day business is carried out by the Chief Executive Officer and other executive officers from the company's principal office in United States. In the website of the company the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Code of Ethics for the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and the Corporate Controller are claimed to be set.
The company also have a Board of Directors in United Kingdom wherein the directors are elected annually by the Company’s shareholders.
Company’s CEO is Heather Bresch at 47, has spent most of …show more content…

The case is related to the pricing of one of Mylan’s product “EpiPen”. EpiPen is a device which administers epinephrine which is used as an antidote for anaphylactic shocks that are related with food allergies that is widely seen in kids. Although the drug was known for ages the calibrated delivery method was patented by Merck Company. When Mylan acquired Merck’s generic division for $6.7 billion, EpiPen was one of the 400 products that was added to Mylan’s product portfolio. The price for the product was $57 at the time and made just $200 million a year for Merck. Bresch was promoted to chief operating officer at Mylan shortly after the deal with

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