Business Case Study: Stella Omusa

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Stella Omusa is another interesting case study. As she pursued early schooling, Stella never had any idea of her orientation. Even her semi-literate parents as well as peers could not help Stella on the same. Luckily, as a bright student, it was not difficult to secure admission into a public university. However, Stella seemingly pursued a degree in bachelor of commerce, accounting option not by choice, but just as a matter of natural flow of events. Actually, this was the course she was selected to pursue, based on available opportunities. As Stella continued with studies, she developed an interest in writing. She wrote articles on topical issues, posting them to the daily print press. Interestingly, many of them were published as letters to the editor. This, she did until completing her studies. Thereafter, Stella…show more content…
By then, he had not only lost passion in accounting, but also the drive to continue in formal employment. Instead, Montana ventured into self-employment, which is today more amiably referred to as entrepreneurship. Strangely though, he had not realized that his goals were still mismatched with his strengths and weaknesses. Montana spent a few years in the now familiar rat race as a business practitioner. During those days, the competition was not only stiff, but also overwhelming. No matter how much he tried, Montana could not overcome this idea of the “me too” brands. “Irrespective of the nature of business, everybody was watching everybody else with interest and enthusiasm. Everybody replicated new ideas of those who were seemingly looking successful. To continue successively, one would have to adopt either of two things. On one hand, one could continually move very fast into new products/services. The alternative was to acquire massive financial resources, capable of consistently facilitating manipulation of the market,” Montana points
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