Business Environment : A Market Entry Of Innovative Store Concepts And Formats Essay

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Over the past decades, the retail business environment has faced aggressive competition with rapid market entry of innovative store concepts and formats (Maronick and Stiff, 1985). In Taiwan, the retail was contributed to 20% of total GDP, which is a significant industry for a country. Moreover, convenience store retailers in Taiwan tend to follow the strategy of to expand the number of the store and providing more facilities and to refurbish existing stores give it new layout to attract customers. In 2007, GMA and Deloitte introduced "Shopper Marketing", which aims at creating a pleasuring shopping environment to attract customers resulting in more spending. This has become a new target for the future retail development of retailers. The satisfaction of customers would effect on a company 's success in their financial performance and customers ' loyalty. The satisfied customers mean people who are willing to purchase products, visiting the store or services repeatedly (Siu and Cheung, 2001; Raphel, 1999; Reichheld and Sasser, 1990; Srinivasan et al., 2002). Trying to understand how customers think and what make them behave in the way they do. For the convenience store industry to increase sales is how to make customer have more reason come to the store and extend their staying time. Therefore, increasing consumers’ loyalty to the store has been a directorial challenge to retailers. To gain the in-depth understanding and empirical estimation of customers loyalty behaviour

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