Business Environment, Innovation And Entrepreneurship : Health Care Industry Swot Analysis

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Business Environment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Health Care Industry SWOT Analysis Laurene Foley Southern New Hampshire University Partners Health Care is a non profit company made up of multiple top notch hospitals and organizations. Partners strives to provide patient first mentality which focuses on serving the community in Boston and suburbs the best quality of care. Partners Health Care was founded back in 1994 by two of the top hospitals in Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It is now made up of multiple hospitals, a primary care network, multiple outpatient centers, Partners home care, research facilities and many more. As Partner’s website states: “We are…show more content…
It can also be utilized when examining both internal and external factors which is important due to the fact that it does have some effect whether it’s minimal or large on a company. Also, a SWOT analysis can be used when a turning point comes or a fork in the road, it can assist management in identifying if it’s worth it to go with path A or path B. After conducting research and using personal experience there are multiple strengths it already has and weaknesses that can be worked on for Partners Health Care. On the next page is the SWOT analysis for Partners Health care as a whole. It has grown and evolved so much over the past twelve years since it’s first induction and is only going to keep evolving. Subject of SWOT Analysis: Partners Health Care Inc.: As shown above there are multiple strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Partners Health Care faces. The first strength Partners has, which is often used in the media is that it is so large and is made up of 6000 + providers they are able to provide world class specialized doctors and a higher quality of care to patients (, 2015). Also with revenue so high Partners is able to have it’s hospitals invest in new and updated equipment that makes patient satisfaction better. Partners has also established a few outpatient local facilities that way patients are able to stay close to home but have those specialized doctors from Boston. Its patient satisfaction is always
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