Business Environments Of Chinese Society

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Assignment: Business Environments in Chinese Society:
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Business environments across the world have been experiencing numerous and rapid dynamics, forcing business enterprises to look for more intelligence before entering such markets. The need to start businesses in foreign markets is created by variety of factors which includes saturation of local markets and availability of attractive opportunities in foreign countries.
China has been a focus of many foreign investors, owing to various reasons which serve to create attractive business opportunities. For instance, the country has been experiencing rapid infrastructural developments, reducing cost of doing business within the society. It has also been remarkably stable in terms of both political and economical pillars of the state. It has also a wide market due to its high population, providing market for products and services of many businesses (Hill, 2014).
These numerous businesses cropping up in China have created a business opportunity, in marketing and packaging, since they do not have much of information about the history of the nation and its markets. Our team has developed the idea and decided to venture into business to exploit the opportunity. This documentation focuses on deliberating on the details of the business idea to inform our decision on how to progress with it (Zinzius, 2004).
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