Business Ethics Essay

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Many business managers argue that the primary responsibility of a business is to turn a profit; however, society is more concerned for corporations to assume ethical responsibility, in which welfare for the greatest number of people will be promoted. This paper addresses the fact that the subjectivity of morals within the military and individual leaders; as some issues could be viewed as ethical by a group but not so by others. The members of an organization and its employees are part of the team, therefore the organization would benefit if their leaders are having strong ethical principles and positive relationships . Because business ethics helps the team work better both individually and as a unit, thus inspiring ethical values while …show more content…
The method of emphasizing ethics enables the leaders to be more inquisitive about their ethical issues not only in the leadership workshop but also back at work. As we continue working to become “all you can be”, we can start to let go of our petty self-interests. As we give back, we can potentially reconstruct our communities. As we serve in for military using the values of freedom, justice, equality, caring, and dignity, we can constantly renew the foundations of democracy.
Definition of Ethics In accordance to Velasquez, ethics is the discipline that deals with “right” and “wrong” or “good” and “evil” decisions that are made in according with approved standards of behavior. This is normally regulated by society and legislated by laws from federal government, state, and the country in which the business is executed, as well as, highly scrutinized by the media. But ethical behavior should not stop there, because usually laws only set minimum standards which corporations could always improve on (Velasquez, 2006). The problems facing military personnel are similar to those that business leaders deal with because, both industries see the need for an operational approach to communication, and the commitment to their members to ensure profits and long term survival in their industry (Awad, E & Ghaziri, H., 2006). Additionally, the military places strong emphasis in human
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