Business Experience for a Seat in Congress

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Business experience for a seat in Congress The United States is now close to electing its new President and this raises new challenges and issues to be assessed by analysts and the media. One important example in this sense is represented by the skills and experience which need to be possessed by the political candidate in order for them to be able to adequately complete their operations. Whereas there are some skills which help win votes, such as charm and charisma, the technical skills of the candidates should account for more. And these criteria would be obvious at the level of all political candidacies, including the fight for a seat in Congress. At this specific level, a question is being posed relative to the need for the candidates to Congress to possess business skills. And the provision of an answer to this question is a difficult endeavor, with at least two stand points. On the one hand, business can be perceived as a difficult subject, taught and learned in specially designed educational institutions, and acquired through years of professional involvement. From this standpoint then, the business knowledge should now be perceived as an absolute necessity or its absence should not be perceived as a weakness for a candidate. The future position of the Congress member may not even be related to business operations, and the candidate might be a highly skilled and capable individual, with the ability to excel in their specific domain, different from business.
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