Business Index Case Study

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After the pro-rich neo liberalism emerged triumphant, people who are at the helm of affairs appear to be obsessed with only one thing - that is ‘ease of doing business’. Every year the World Bank releases the ease of doing business index in which it ranks countries on the basis of their business friendliness. If a country wants to prove that it is business friendly it has to listen to the World Bank, which is the custodian of the big businesses.
Now the question arises as to what exactly the big businesses want? Though they cite some cleverly worded performance indicators to compile the index, their true intention appears to be something else. They want land at throw away prices even if it is fertile agriculture land, they want licenses to …show more content…

It appears that the government’s efforts to improve the ease of doing business have paid off and India leapfrogged to 100th position in the index, which triggered a euphoria among the politicians, business tycoons and the press. Now, the government is gearing itself up to present it as one of its biggest achievements.
Well, they have the ‘ease of doing businesses’. Now the question is when will the poor and the downtrodden have the ‘ease of living index’? Their daily lives have become too laborious and stressful and they are leading agonizingly painful lives in squalid conditions. Their children don’t have enough food to eat. In the recently released Global Hunger Index (GHI) India featured at 100 th position among the 119 countries, lagging behind even the North Korea ruled by a despotic regime and the war torn Iraq.
In spite of all this grinding poverty, our governments have progressively been reducing the welfare spending in the name of maintaining fiscal prudence. They say that the credit rating agencies may downsize our sovereign credit rating if we don’t keep our fiscal deficit under control by controlling the expenditure. They, however, don’t think about the same fiscal prudence while announcing the so-called ‘measures to spur the growth’. As part of the measures they give bailouts to big businesses in the name of bank recapitalization, give hefty

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