Business Innovation Case Study: Portugal Telecom

1877 Words8 Pages Case study: Portugal Telecom Portugal Telecom (PT) is a global telecommunications operator with a portfolio covering all segments of the market, personal, residential, SOHO / SME, corporate and wholesale and all technological solutions, fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate. With 74 million customers, PT has a diversified portfolio of assets in 14 countries, including Portugal, Brazil and high growth international markets, including the subSaharan Africa. The company has 33,000 employees of which 11,000 are in Portugal. In March 2009, PT launched the ‘Open’ project with the aim of ‘industrialising’ the innovation process, to…show more content…
Innovation is no different. Clearly, measuring the value of a particular process in an organisation is not easy, but without metrics it is hard to accurately demonstrate the impact of innovation initiatives. Just 16% of respondents said they have good metrics in place to evaluate the success of innovation projects (a further 20% somewhat agreed). When asked specifically about ROI as significant mechanism of measuring innovation, only 9% used it. Just 29% of respondents said they succeeded in sharing best practices within their organisation, an important aspect of improving how an organisation performs. Without effective processes and the ability to learn from all parts of the organisation, it becomes harder to implement the steps needed to improve in an effective manner Currently, it seems that organisations mainly believe that measuring innovation is too difficult or insufficiently useful to spend time on. Despite this view, it is critical to develop and use such measures in order to increase innovation readiness. Organisations can then start to rank and rate themselves against their peers; this alone will allow them to start improving, as these metrics will point to the practical steps that can be taken to streamline and enhance their processes. Translated to English from Portugese As we believe As a company committed to

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