Business: Interview and Questions

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Introduction The interview process is the gateway to basically fill a position from a company. The function of an interview is to assess candidate’s skills to pertinent questions that are necessary to fill in the needs of an organization. Fact of the matter is, structuring an effective and efficient interview process is not really basic, for it entails ethical, legal and moral considerations with each question asked. Since we would cover up ten questions in this elective, the two criteria’s that I am going to include as a ranking score would be a confidence rating scale in which to scale the level of confidence the way each candidate answers the question and a question satisfaction rating scale in which for each person that conducts the interview will also rank the level of satisfaction on each question that had been answered by the interviewee (Pulakos, 1997). Both scales would be scaled from 1 to 5 in which 1 would be the lowest attainable score and 5 would be the highest. This then would make up a perfect score of 100 points as confidence would make up a total perfect score of 50 points for ten the questions and also the same with satisfaction. In the end of each question there would be a space provide to write any important notes on why or why not they are the best candidate for the position. The Interview Questions Tells us about yourself? This question is a typical icebreaker to be answered by the candidate. In this part the panel of interviewers could then gauge a
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