Business Is The Way Of Life

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Business is the way of life in the United States of America. Money is the backbone of America and it was the American people want in life. A business manager helps run and keep the business running. The power of a business is great and the business manager is in charge and the owner is the only person above the business manager usually depending on the business. The business world is chose by most men to be their career choice, and they make a good choice most of the time. The thrill of a business is to be a competitor, a risk taker, and to become rich or financially stable. The thought of making good money and being in charge most to all of the time is a deal and dream that most people want and wouldn’t pass up. Business have and conduct many operations daily and in turn, actually makes a properly ran business a machine or entity. There are many factors that contribute and influence a business. Businesses have separate departments and functions that all coordinate with each other to achieve the business’ organizational goals and plans. In the customer relationship marketing era, customers’ experiences are highly valued, therefore businesses try to focus on their aspects that make the companies happy. Marketing is a huge aspect of the business world, especially now in since this is the customer relationship era, which is an extension of the marketing concept era. Marketing is the activity for creating, delivering, communicating, and trading offerings that benefits

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