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Marketing Manager Keith Martin BUS 330 Instructor Garlyn Lewis November 26, 2014

Marketing Manager
The role of a marketing manager is very important. The marketing manager is the one person who gets the product made by the company sold in the market. They are the one who develop a marketing strategy. They manage the mix in the market. They are the people who manage the success of the company and they are the one who manages the budget in the company. They guide the development of the products and they guide the whole company. The following are the functions of every marketing manager.
Market research
Development of a strategy of market and a plan to execute
The management of the
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Android from the very beginning have used to give the same features as IPhone at a low price. The ownership of IPhone has increased but so is the ownership of android phones. If only the price of the IPhones were a little low it could have made a better profit. They would have also made better sales in America. Samsung faced a law suit filed by apple against them that they have been copying the features of IPhone. The android phones of Samsung used the exact same features provided by the IPhones over the years.
In the year 2011 10% of cell phone owners say that there phone was an IPhone. This data was raised in the year 2012. In 2012 19% of people said that they are using an IPhone. In 2013 this data was further raised and the number of people using IPhones increased. There was 25% of people using a phone as IPhone as their phone. There are a wide range of cell phone owners in America and they are starting to use windows phone. In 2014 it was expected that this data will further be raised and more number of people will be using IPhones.
The market has also a good number of people using android smart phones. In 2011 there were 15% of people using phones had android phones as their smart phones. In 2012 the number of people owning a phone and having an android phone was further increased to 20%. This percentage increase was less than that of IPhone. Then in 2013 there were 28% of people using the phones have android phones as their smart phones.
There was a jump and
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