Business Management : Intergrated Marketing Communication

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HUMBER COLLEGE GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT INTERGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION “PERSONAL REFLECTION ASSIGNMENT” SUBMITTED TO: SUZZANE ROSS SUBMITTED BY: HEMAXI R. TULSI STUDENT # 825-067-754 PERSONAL REFLECTION ASSIGNMENT A. Your personal style/process 1. What do you like most about group projects and why? The most I like about group projects is the process of brainstorming. All members in the group have different ways of understanding and to make sure each member in the group is in the same page, require a lot of effort. I even like the way group interaction takes place. We usually form a group with people who we are comfortable with and we can get along with and work together in a professional manner. Group projects help me to get prepared to work “in a team” and “as a team”. Though it is sometimes very challenging to work with different personalities, but when everyone agrees to a common goal it provides its own advantages to all the members in the group. The important thing I like about group projects is that it prepares me to work in the real working environment and shows us the trailer that how we would encounter difficulties and what solutions can we provide to achieve a common goal. It also helps to provide knowledge of our capabilities and skills that we have and we can use as required. 2. What do you like least about group projects and why? Communication gaps, conflicts, misunderstandings, and so on are few to mention are the least likeable things about
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