Business Opportunities, Challenges, And Trends Essay

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4. Discuss the business opportunities, challenges, and trends prevailing in the Indian ecommerce market.

The business opportunity for eBay as of right now is not great although there is a lot of potential growth in the future. In 2014, the Indian ecommerce industry showed a tremendous growth. This growth is driven by the rapid adoption of technology such as smartphones and tablets (ecommerce in India – Accelerating growth, 2015). There are opportunities for eBay to expand its market and invest more in the future. But there are also their competitions that they need to worry about. A company like Amazon is a well-known international online shopping superstore where you can buy almost everything. There are Flipkart and Snapdeal that started their online store in India. eBay is losing its battle with their competition. For example, eBay Inc. pumped in about `650 crore into the India business last year. In comparison, Flipkart raised about $1.4 billion from institutional investors in the last 13 months, while Snapdeal mopped up $1.1 billion in about the same time. Amazon also announced in that the company will pump in $2 billion into India. Amazon has infused `2,437 crore into its India arm. (live mint, 2016). Although eBay is not making as much revenue as they wanted the future generation in India will become more online. The Indian youth will dominate the county 's 130­million strong urban mass and it will drive the consumer market growth over the next 5­10 years (The

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