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Robert was going to hire 14 more administrative staff and 17 more delivery personnel to operate the various locations in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. He also decided to replace all computers within the business and purchase more computers due to the new locations.

There were so many computers brands on the market, and so many different styles and speeds of computers. All Robert knew was that he needed desktops for the administrative staff, laptops for his sales staff and PDAs (personal digital assistant) for his delivery personnel. Robert did not understand computers, but was going to research the desktop, laptop and PDA markets to determine his needs. Robert’s organisational requirements were:

• 20 brand new desktops • 13 brand new laptops which were the lightest on the market. • 50 PDAs with the latest GPS tracking. • Purchase these items in the one location - if possible – to ensure discounts.

He was going to conduct both online and non-electronic research. However, he did not know which websites would be best, or which places were best to view computers and PDAs.


Question 1

How can Robert ensure that his research is valid and relevant to his requirements and make efficient use of available resources?

Question 2

When Robert
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