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Resolving Ethical Business Challenges Brief Summary: This case is about an employee named Lael who was hired by Best East Motels as part of their manager training program. She was extremely excited to be joining the company due to the potential benefits that she may receive after graduation. In the early stages she gained quite a bit of luck meeting her mentor Nikhil, the son of the motel franchise boss. Despite the great beginning of her tenure, she would learn tht her mentor wasn’t really who she thought he was. After investigating an unusually high turnover rate that would consist of mostly female employees, she learned that her mentor Nikhil was presenting an unethical business view for female employees. Many female employees would …show more content…

The best thing for her to do before fully going forward with the allegations is completely analyzing the situation. She may have to think outside the box and find a way that the employees can voice their allegations to the upper management potentially through an anonymous survey. Lael would later have to do something to regain the trust of the female employees as they may fear for how they’ll be treated at their jobs. Research in many organizations shows that customers are more satisfied at work when they are acknowledged for their hard work and creates a better atmosphere for all of the

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