UPS Case Study Operations Management Essay

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• Lack of planning out designated routes before beginning daily routes, may run into problems/situations such as getting lost, running into road work, or unknown weather conditions, which can cause a change in drivers normal day-to-day or weekly routes.
• Lack of not following/using ORION technology to help in making better decisions for the drivers, or if the device stops working or starts acting up, it can hurt UPS’ ultimate mission. After all, UPS strives and drives to deliver packages to their customers both efficiently and effectively, but most importantly safely. By ORION being a helping hand and helping to provide drivers with this helpful information, this …show more content…


• UPS company stockholders
• UPS drivers
• Customers
• ORION Technology provider-by not using their provided technology systems


ORION technology, however not required, but a helpful, added resource, helps drivers make better decisions by providing them with accurate road maps, so that the drivers can work efficiently and effectively, but most importantly safely, in delivering their packages to their customers in a timely manner. This not only helps promote the business, but increases overall productivity. This also leads to more satisfied customers. ORION provides new and old drivers with important information based on current travel time and providing suggested roadways. By ORION helping to provide drivers with this helpful information, this helps steer drivers in ensuring to making better/expert decisions, which in the end saves time and leads to happily, satisfied customers. Being that there are so many ways that drivers can perform their deliveries, ORION provides steps to making it that much easier for drivers to perform their routes and deliver all of their packages efficiently. However, product costs are a major factor and it is said that the ORION algorithm, “which has taken ten years, is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars to build.” (pg. 114) However, it is said to be the most effective resource and tool that can make the

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