Business Process And Overall Strategy

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Paperless Charters John Cooper, Bryce Edwards, Joel Kennerknecht Embry-Riddle University Intro to Management Info Systems June – August 2014 Table of Contents 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary Introduction 3.1. Proposal 3.2. Company Motto 3.3. Competitive Advantage with our Information System 3.3.1. Customer Access 3.3.2. Online Booking 3.3.3. Scheduling 3.3.4. Employee Access 3.3.5. Monitor pilot fatigue status 3.3.6. Navigation charts 3.3.7. Weight and balance and performance status 3.4. Resources necessary 4. Body 4.1. Information System business foundation 4.1.1. Proper IS structure 4.1.2. Business process and overall strategy 4.1.3. Critical success factors for IS supported business process 4.1.4. Relationship between CSFs and organization’s overall mission statement 4.2. Electronic Business and Commerce components 4.2.1. Company Website for public and mobile applications, social media marketing strategies, online payment systems 4.2.2. Why these technologies 4.2.3. Roles in supporting goals and objectives 4.3. Decision Support System Components 4.3.1. Systems proposed 4.3.2. Why this technology 4.3.3. Roles in supporting business goals and objectives 4.4. Developing Business and IT solutions 4.4.1. Proposed approach to developing business IT solutions 4.4.2. Approach both serve and support our business goals and objectives 4.5. Security and Ethical Challenges 4.5.1. Information systems security, ethical, legal, and privacy
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